Nabisco's Oreo's Has New Packaging!
I bought a bag of Nabisco Oreo cookies at a local grocery store. I don't remember the last time I had a bag of Oreo cookies. What possessed me, I don't know but I did it. They still taste the same. Two chocolate cookies sandwiched together with white sugar icing. Ummm good cookies. Nothing new about that.  

News To Me!
What's new to me is the packaging. Once there was a time when you opened a package of Oreo's, that was it. You, or someone helping you, had to eat the whole bag or settle for stale cookies later as there was no easy way to reseal the package once they were opened.

What Will They Think Of Next?
Nabisco has heard the cries of the masses and come to the rescue. The new packaging comes with a easy open lift up pull tab.The pull tab is located on top of the package. This feature allows you to peel back the tab which lifts up the top of the packaging exposing the tray of cookies for easy access. When you've finished eating, you just roll the flap back down and press around the edges thus resealing what's left in the tray. The flap has some adhesive around the edge that allows the package to be resealed. Is this not news?

I think this one feature is a good improvement. It has caused me to go out and buy another bag to test. Nabisco didn't tamper with the cookies. They're still a great snack. I'm glad they left the Oreo's alone. They made it so you can enjoy them longer. That's good. I like Oreo's.

Oreo's To The Rescue!
So, if you haven't had any Oreo's in a while, go ahead and indulge yourself. You don't have to eat the whole bag. Think about it, since Nabisco came up with this resealable package, you don't have to eat the whole bag just because you opened it. Nabisco has saved your life. :-)

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